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Throwing and Catching



This is one of the skills that I love to teach the most. It is such a foundation for so many of the other skills children learn as they develop. This year I divided my class into 3 sections. Section one was targets drawn on butcher paper that I taped to the bleachers on one side of the gym. Students took turns throwing splash balls at the targets.
Section 2 was a station where students rolled tennis balls to their partner so that their partner could catch a “grounder”. This skill is often skipped over, but at the pre-control and control stages, it is very important in the catching progression.
Station 3 was another station to practice throwing to a target. Except, at this station I taped a bunch of letter to the wall for the students to use as targets. They could try to spell their name or vocabulary words. I could also have some of my kindergarten students simply say the letter and the sound it makes. This is a way to integrate literacy into a lesson without allowing it to over power the PE skill. They were still focusing on their throwing technique, I just changed the target.
Here is a picture of the wall

I go over an over the overhead throwing cues with the students. We repeat them at least 10 times throughout the class.
First- side to target
Second- arm way back
Third- step as arm comes over and body rotates
Last- follow through

(did you notice I used ordinal numbers which is a k and 1st standard)

We spent two days on these stations. I wanted to make sure each child had plenty of time at each area.

I will defiantly do this lesson again.



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