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Our dry erase board




This is a picture of our dry erase board area. We have the students come and sit at this area almost every day when we go over what the daily lesson is.


This is a picture of the section of the board that we post the unit we are working on, what the standards are that we are meeting, and the objective of the lesson in the form of an “I can” statement. I used black masking tape to make the grid lines. Because I am a visual person and I like things to look very neat and organized, we gave each grade level a color. This helps the students to easily identify what they need to know. For example, if kindergarten is red they know they only need to look at what is written in red. We use magnetic clips to hold paper on the board. We print the state standards instead of writing by hand. Typed is smaller and takes less room, we would never be able to hand write all of those standards and get them to fit in that area.


Each week we have bone and muscle of the week. The students enjoy learning their bones a d muscles. I have two file folders that I keep on my desk, one for bones and one for muscles. At the beginning of the year I create a chart that lets us know what the bone/muscle is for each week. I have them all in order in the file folder so that each week I just grab the one on top and put it up on the board. And take down the one that is up and place it in the back of the folder. Having it ready at the beginning of the year really helps make it easy. I don’t spend time frantically looking for pictures each week when I realize we need to change the bones and muscles. I just Grammy folders and two minutes later it’s done.


This is Mr. Bones. I ordered him from Oriental Trading. It helps give a visual when discussing the bones each week.


This half of the board we use for making notes, writing cues, drawing diagrams, etc.


Next to the white board I have this poster of the locomotor skills. I put the words on using Velcro, so I can easily take them off at any time. Sometimes I will give them to random students and have them demonstrate the skill and then place it back on the poster.

This area functions very well for us and keep everything in one central area.


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