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100th Day of School



Whenever there is a special day at school, I try to incorporate it into my PE lesson. Kindergarten and first grade make a big deal of the 100th day of school, which I think is so neat. I created a chart (basically, 100 squares) and set up different stations around the gym. Students were allowed to move freely around the gym from station to station. There goal was to complete 100 things during the class time. They put a letter in one of the boxes each time they did something. For example, if they did 6 jumping jacks they put a J in six of the boxes. I discussed that everyone’s chart was going to look different because everyone would be choosing different activities in different order and that some may do 2 of one activity while someone else may do 10.
I created this lesson using activities that could be done anywhere and required little equipment so that students who did not complete the activity during our class time could do so at home if they wanted to.
I talked to the students about how they could use there chart to make a graph showing which activity they did the most. They could also take the Information for all of their charts and make a class graph.

Here is a picture of our white board. I hung a banner across the bottom (from the dollar bin at Walmart) and placed some cute cutouts in the area where I write our standard everyday.



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